Our Commitment

Understand the mission:
 Being the change that we wish to see 

Maison Madame A. Is a label created to bring sustainability and sisterhood into your closet. We aim to empower women by creating pieces which compliment their shape, making them confident, elegant & comfortable while staying true to. 
our core beliefs : We stand for people & planet, for fairness & sustainability.


We deeply believe brands can have a powerful impact on society concerns and common beliefs.  We aim to use Maison Madame A. as a vessel to communicate and bring awareness around the issues we face in the fashion industry & the modern society.


We are striving to be an example of what we believe in. We are not forcing ourselves to follow fashion seasonality. We have decided to flow with inspiration and create when we feel the desire, timeless and high quality pieces which are made to last. We are putting all our heart into the creation process which can sometimes take months between a sketch to a final garment. Our mantra: quality is always better than quantity!


If giving discounts and promotions in order to increase sales is a way to go for many, we have decided to act differently. We consciously think about the right price for you and for the people that work behind every piece of clothing we design. The aim is not only about profit, but to create a collaborative platform where we can showcase craftsmanship. You get to wear unique pieces, and artisans get to keep living from their art.


Our fabrics
 The lingerie-making industry is limited in its quest of sustainability because of the lack of eco-friendly/sustainable lace & tulle available. The rare options we were able to sourced are accessible with a large minimum order quantity that we are not able to meet at the moment due to our limited production run. 
However, whe have decided to aim for the most sustainable possibilities given our will to create stylish & high-end garment: whether it is recycled synthetic recycled fabric, plant-based fibre, or simply deadstock fabric that are given a second life
Our production
 We have carefully chosen a family owned and operated manufacturer located in Bali, Indonesia. They are committed to responsible practices and fair trade, striving to become zero waste by using leftover fabric to provide goods to the local community. We choose to work with this small workshop based on founder Julie’s location, local availability of raw materials, high ethical and environmental standards, and regional ability and techniques. 
Our Packaging
We believe in simplicity & minimalism. We have a zero single use plastic policy throughout our supply chain. The workshop we work with is using cassava biodegradable & compostable (in months) bags to keep your lingerie safe. We also avoid unnecessary packaging that would cost more to you and to the planet. All tags are made with recycled paper, and our products go to your mailbox with re-usable, raw “calico” cotton bags.  



We strive to forge long term relationships with communities that are mutually beneficial, based on real, genuine & caring values. That is why we choose handmade over mass production with care and love at heart. We will always work towards helping and caring for the local communities & artisans around us. 


You have the right to know about the process behind the garmen, from the production process, the fabric we choose, to the cost of each item.  

Inclusivity & Diversity

We value and support diversity. We are committed to encouraging an inclusive, welcoming workplace culture. Furthermore, You all should be represented & you will all find something that fits you from our collections. The red heads, the athletes, the short ones, the chocolate lovers, the 55 years old love makers, the wild spirits, the bold type,! It is about expressing yourself however you wish and feeling comfortable at the same time!  

Madame A. was founded as a sustainable brand from the start - seeking out the most sustainable & ethical processes, low-impact fabrics and fair manufacturing - and we have at heart to always be better. 

We are determined to use social platforms to, not only communicate on our products and brand, but also to interact with our community and gather constructive feedback that will help us improve and grow. 

By being transparent about the process of creating a Maison Madame A. lingerie piece, we also want to let you know how precious they are, and encourage you to cherish your pieces rather than let them go to waste

 For garment care, find our more here!



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By email : info@maisonmadamea.com


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