At Home with Desti

Desti is one of the co-founder at EYE LIKE, a home-grown label that works with local craftsmen in Bali to produce quality glass chains. She is also a woman, a wife, and a creative soul who sometimes collaborates with brands that inspire her.

We sat down with her to discuss her daily rituals and daily inspirations.


When do you feel the most creative?

Mostly when I am alone. I do love to walk my dogs on the beach or in nature. It gives me time to be myself and let my mind flow freely. I feel like I can hear myself clearly and a lot of ideas come to my mind.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Movies, music, and social media. I feel like Bali has this melting pot with a beautiful mix of people coming from everywhere and trying to create and make something original. I also feel like most of the people I met here are trying different things than what we usually see out there. There are some bubbles of creativity. Most of the people I have met here don't get the success they want straight away but at least they do try to express their creativity with whatever material or media they feel.

Do you have people that inspire you?

Definitely my husband, he is such a role model to me. The way he thinks, how he sees the world. He has a mindset where he lets me have this space to be myself fully. He doesn’t judge. We have a sacred space where we can both express our creativity & our soul.

Any daily rituals?

Honestly, I feel like my routine is pretty boring. I am a wife and a house person. The first thing I do is pray & meditate. I help my husband to prepare his looks for work. Pilates or yoga is part of my morning ritual. Walking the dogs is also very important as this is a meditation for me.

Your inspiration for clothes?

I like the 80's.

How do you describe your style?

I don't like to dress like others. I like being unique. I like boyish and street wear stuff.

What is your beauty routine?

I never wear makeup. Bali is not the best place to wear heavy makeup as the climate is hot and humid. Also I feel like I am embracing my true self with a natural look . Sometimes I do put on mascara if I go out. To me skin care is the most important thing. I really care about what I eat and drink & also what product I use on my skin. For my hair I use Neroli Hair.
Desti wearing the Maze Bandeau & Maze Thong