5 fashion brands to pair with your Underwear!

5 Sustainable brands we love! Discover our little gems to have a full-on eco-friendly closet. 
We are sure, the future of fashion is SLOW. If you like trendy and nice fashion, you might be wondering where you can find sustainable alternatives to H&M, Zara, or even Sephora. Well, we’ve got you!
Let's dive into a world of amazing sustainable fashion to pair with your underwear!

Sunglasses: Friendly Frenchy

Friendly Frenchy are sunglasses creators made in France. They develop sunglasses based on shells, mussels, oysters or scallops. Super practical to take a little piece of vacation with you everywhere! The brand uses natural pigmentation, and the glasses are 30% biosourced.


Swimsuit: Arloe

Arloe is an eco-friendly european luxury swimwear brand. Garments are ethically  handmade in Italy. They have at heart high quality standards and they aim to reduce shipping impact. Arloe swimwear is made from a completely renewable fabric called EVO®.  This bio-based yarn has been proven to be high quality and has less impact on the environment than other synthetic production. The swimwear is 25% lighter than other swimwear fabrics and dries 50% faster: the perfect blend of comfort, utility and beauty on the website.


Cosmetics: Basium Fragrances

Basium fragrances offers organic plant-based & vegan products with nature & the planet at heart.  They try to limit their environmental footprint as much as possible. Their goal is to eliminate all use of plastic in their product line and find suppliers for their bottles, lids and packaging that only use recycled or sustainable materials and source as many local and seasonal ingredients as possible.

Shoes: Umoja

Umoja offers 100% vegetable and biodegradable sneakers made from 4 materials: raw linen, hemp fiber, raw organic cotton and rubber milk. The shoes are therefore made without animal matter, synthetics or plastics. The pair of sneakers is the result of a mix of European and African expertise.


Sportwear: Aya label

Aya label offers colorful sportswear inspired by Greek mythology.. What we love?: the material that doesn’t move (even during your stretching or yoga session) and remains soft. The garments are made of an Italian econyl that allows a quick drying to put your outfits back on endlessly. They are made with fabric that comes mainly from recycled abandoned fishing nets. By purchasing these products, you are contributing to cleaner oceans!