4 tips to preserve your lingerie Maison Madame A

Being a female-led brand, we strive to design pieces for the women in search of confidence & effortlessness throughout the lingerie they wear. 
We want everybody feeling sensual & comfortable at the same time by wearing second-skin intimates that last.
We carefully select sustainable materials to offer you quality lingerie. We want to create pieces made to keep you confident for a long time !
Caring for your Madame A. pieces correctly is important to ensure longevity and lasting quality. Please follow the below care instructions carefully and attentively. Always take note of the care label in your item. It will help preserve them!

Hand Wash your lingerie

We recommend that you wash your lingerie gently by hand. Don’t use a washing machine. Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and use a laundry for delicate materials. Don't let your lingerie soak for more than 30 minutes. Then, rinse them with clear and cold water. Don't scrub, scrape, or rub too hard or too strongly as this can damage the items.    

Air dry your lingerie

Once your lingerie has been washed, we recommend that you don’t put it in the dryer, which could damage the fabric and shape, but rather air dry it. To do this, you can hang or flat dry each item. This way, you will preserve your lingerie as much as possible.      

Do not bleach

We recommend that you don’t use bleach or detergents when washing your lingerie. These products can damage the shape, color, and fabric of your beautiful lingerie. We recommend that you use a suitable and environmentally friendly washing product. 

Do not iron

In order to not damage the fabrics, we recommend not ironing your Maison Madame A lingerie. Moreover, thanks to our selected materials, the lingerie doesn’t require ironing. 
By preserving your lingerie as much as possible, you are also adopting an eco-responsible behavior. Hand wash with natural soap  will also limit use of chemicals. These advices will keep your timeless lingerie  from aging, much longer.
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